Selected teaching staff of Pasay City National Science High School distributed learners’ modules at the school’s gymnasium, September 16-18, 2020.

As the start of classes on October 5 draws near, both students and teachers have been doing their preparations for the ‘new normal’. Along with those preparations are the modules distributed by selected teachers.

According to Ms. May Ann Romano, a teacher at PCNSciHS, one teacher was assigned to facilitate the distribution per each level. Each of them practiced safety protocols such as wearing PPE, masks, and face shields.

To avoid the spread of COVID-19, the school followed safety guidelines in handing out the modules. Recipients needed to sign a health declaration form before entering the campus. Social distancing and proper queuing were implemented with the help of front runners at the gymnasium. During the distribution, recipients needed to show proof of identity for acknowledgment, sanitize their hands before getting the learning resources, and sign the distribution form, confirming that the learning kit is complete and received.

Electronic devices such as netbooks, home Wifi, and flash drives were also given out to those who don’t have internet access and a device to use.

“Though it is important for the students and teachers to have interaction with regards to the lessons, a modular approach will teach the students to learn at their own pace and strengthen their independent learning skills. I know students will find difficulties on the first roll of the modules but I think they will eventually adapt to it, it is just a manner of practice and they shouldn’t worry because the teachers are still there for consultation in case they cannot understand some of the parts of the module,” Ms. Romano said.

” I want to point out that this will test how they will manage their priorities despite the time constraints from all the school works,” she added.

Concerned with blended learning, Angeline Besarra, a parent of a grade 10 student, said that blended learning might be quite hard for her children due to occasional internet problems. She also said that these modules would be effective if teachers will be able to teach all the lessons that are on the modules and will not let the child go through it on its own.

News by Clarence Borlaza

Images by Sir Randie Pimentel